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Latest news

Data updated to Season 1 patch!

Blizzard fixes priority affixes

Patch 1.1.1 apparently brought with it a fix to the suspected bugged interaction that made it so there was a priority affix system when enchanting.

The enchanter module has been fixed to reflect that change.

What's D4Craft?

D4Craft is an online tool that aims to help players find the most optimal way to use the game systems in Diablo 4.

The key features :

  • Predict likelyhood of attaining certain results using the enchanter and view estimated crafting costs.
  • Full affix search tool where you can find out about any affixes and their different breakpoints for values.
  • Access to a comprehensive items database.
  • Browse the game recipes list to view costs related to item power/base.

I'll be working on adding new features regularly, please check ou the Changelog page to see what is new and do let me know if you have any suggestions.

All data presented here is shown without any guarantee of its validity. This tool is a work in progress and best efforts were made to interpret the game data accurately. If you notice anything that seems out of place don't hesitate to let me know by going to the About page and sending me a detailed message.